Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A possible solution?

Although the porn industry would like you to believe they are invincible, they are not. There are ways for normal people like you and me to fight against this every-growing, ever-expanding filth. The CP80 Foundation offers information on a newly emerging way to fight pornography's invasive effects.

This videoclip, also from the previously mentioned "Traffic Control: The People's War On Internet Porn", goes into detail about CP80.

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Serif said...

Firstly let me say that I'm sympathetic to your aim of being able to provide safe, community content whilst preserving the "free speech" rights of others to access the rest of the Internet if they so wish.

My background is having been employed on the technical side of an ISP for over 10 years and having worked in network communications for over 20. Despite what some people may think, there are many of us in the industry who would like to be able to provide a service such as you envisage. I know because I have discussed the issue in industry related online forums and talked to them face to face at meetings held by RIPE, the European RIR.

The problem I have is that I'm failing to see how your scheme could not be easily subverted. In a way you're trying to solve the same problem that we are currently attempting to deal with to prevent spam. The ISP industry is pretty much united in trying to solve the problem. Amongst other measures, we compile black lists of IP addresses that are seen to originate spam and refuse connections from these addresses to our mail servers. In your scheme this is analogous to seeing an IP address providing content on the community port that should be providing content on the open port. If they refused to correct the situation it would lead to content from their IP address, and ultimately from all the address blocks of the ISP having responsibility for that address being blocked.

So far so good, but it may well be the case that the rightful user of that IP address has no knowledge of the content being delivered from it. Just as we see the vast majority of spam these days coming from virus compromised PCs under the control of the spammer, we also see most websites advertised by spam, many with pornographic content, being served by multiple compromised home PCs on broadband connections. To further complicate things, many IP addresses of consumer broadband connections are not unique to an individual user, but instead are shared between a large number of such users with a different address being loaned out each time that computer connects.

How do you intend to deal with such a scenario? Remember that many pornographers have pretty much the same scruples as a spammer, basically none. They regard the blocking of an address used for spamming or hosting one of their websites as an expected inconvenience to be replaced by one of the other thousands of compromised PCs they have access to. Just as spammers seek to maximize profit by spreading their unwanted message to as many people as possible, pornographers will also seek to subvert any controls in order to make available their wares to as wide an audience as possible. If you then escalate from blocking a single IP address to blocking the entire address block that contains it, or the entire ISP that manages that address, then you very soon wouldn't have an Internet at all. Remember that it's not just home user PCs that get compromised, we also often see spam originating from compromised corporate web and mail servers and PC on corporate LANs.

Sorry if I've rambled somewhat above and please let me stress again that I am in favo[u]r of what you're trying to do here, but you need to be able to address issues such as this when opponents raise them.

Jeff & Lexi said...
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Lexi Ward said...

Wow I honestly didn't expect any comments on this blog seeing as how it was just a school project. Thanks for taking the time to look at it, and for commenting.

I only just found this port "solution" the other day when researching this project. I'm glad you wrote so much, because I don't know much about it beside what I found earlier. It is good to know the opposing arguments, thank you for adding more knowledge to this site!

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